Monday, December 15, 2014

Frozen in the dark. . .

Link:  Aleteia What To Do With Frozen Embryos

"d) leave them as they are, frozen, so that the process evolves naturally. Alternative d) seems the most ethically acceptable, as it doesn't interfere with the life of the embryo."

This option means leaving them in a situation where they will inevitably die; the "process" that is "evolving naturally" is their eventual "inviability" (i.e., death).  That does not seem ethically acceptable to me; it seems equivalent to "not interfering" with a child who is trapped in a car on a hot (or freezing) day.  Should we allow that "process" to "evolve naturally" in that case?  Clearly not.  If the children in question will SURELY die if left in the situation they are currently in (and they will), then steps must be taken to TRY to save their lives, even if that attempt does not always result in success.  It seems to me that yes, we should take steps to STOP the creation of any more "surplus" embryos, but also, we must decide what the best action to take is, with regard to those already living frozen in the dark.

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