Friday, December 9, 2016

The Cure for Entitlement

". . . the mistake that a lot of us fall into is thinking that whatever we need, whatever we desire, is something that we deserve."

Check out this vlog post; good food for thought:

Ascension Presents (Father Mike): The Cure for Entitlement

Whatever we have, was given to us.

For those of you who just thought, "Hang on--not X.  Hey, I earned X; I worked hard for X!"  consider whether you "earned" the capacities to do that hard work.  Did you "earn" your functioning body and brain, the working hands, bodily strength, and/or cognitive abilities that allow you to even do that work in the first place?  It's worth taking a moment to ponder that whatever gifts you have that allowed you to be able to work hard to earn X, were indeed gifts--not everyone has those.  Not everyone has a working body, or a working brain.  Not everyone even has hands, or feet, or functioning eyes, ears, or whatever else you need to do that work.  Those things were given to you--not to everyone; not to just anyone--and they were GIVEN to you--not earned.  You do not "deserve" those things, any more than someone who was born without them.  They are gifts.  Celebrate that, give thanks for that--and share them. 

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