Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"The Hobbit"--really?

Bruce Charlton has said just about anything I would say about Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit:  an Unexpected Journey," only better:


A sad mess; never clarified its audience; hugely padded with unmotivated, video-game violence.  Some very strange additions (Radagast seems like a lost "Narnia" character; some of the dwarves look like they've wandered in from a cheap horror movie; others from a second-rate kid's cartoon).  Very disappointing. 

The visual settings, as with LoTR, are lovely, but this does not justify the price of the ticket or the investment of so much of your time.  My recommendation--just go watch LoTR again.  Better message, better executed.  Then READ The Hobbit and make a much better "movie" in your head. 

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