Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hold back those who are staggering toward the slaughter (Prov 24:11)

I would like to commend this brave priest:

In brief response to Mr. O'Rourke:

If "no church or creed, religion or faith will govern the actions of city government," then what on Earth will?  If our elected officials are not to consult their formed consciences with regard to their votes, then what should they consult?  Clearly not the will of the people, as any time there are votes along these lines, the popular vote rejects this overall agenda.  Then what?  This is not a facetious question, its answer is of mortal importance.  If you do not derive your values from something larger than yourself, then upon what basis are you to make any kind of decision about what is right or good?

Also, while Father Rodriquez did not have time to address the "condoms in Africa" comment, the fact is that the Catholic Church does not condemn the use of condoms within marriage for the purpose of helping to decrease the chances of one infected partner infecting his or her spouse.  Further, while Mr. O'Rourke's comment assumes that "safer sex" is helpful in reducing the prevalence of AIDS, the fact is that condom use (and indeed all forms of birth control) are in fact associated with greater prevalence of all sexually transmitted diseases, NOT lesser prevalence.

Good for Father Rodriquez for obeying Proverbs 24:11.  Brave man.

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