Monday, February 4, 2013

Preaching to the Choir: Intro

One of the recurring foci of these ventures will be examinations of overtly Christian media:  books, movies, films, etc., that would outright have that “Christian” sticker on them in your local public library.  Because I expect this label almost always means that virtually everybody who sees/hears/partakes of these media is already self-identifying as Christian, I’m calling these ongoing posts “Preaching to the Choir.”

I know that phrase is most often used in a derisive way, but I don’t intend it so.  For one thing, I’m well aware that the choir NEEDS preaching to—if we don’t get our spirits fed, then anything we “sing” is just empty words and pitches.  For another, you never know who just might be passing by outside the church and overhear the preaching—as on the day of Pentecost, you just don’t know who might catch something of what’s going on “inside” and be reached and moved by it. 

So we’ll be celebrating some good choir-preaching here, as well as perhaps pointing out some you might want to save your time by skipping.  If you have any suggestions for overtly Christian books, movies, films, websites, music, kids’ media, etc., etc., for us to explore here, please suggest away!

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