Monday, May 20, 2013

Germany vs. France

Looks like she needs some medical attention.

Heard a news bit this morning that stuck in my mind; a German pop group, Cascada, was fussing about how they got a score of absolutely zero in the Eurovision contest.  “How could this have happened?” the reporter opined, then went on to speculate about some kind of political retribution for austerity.  Well, could it be that they were just, you know, um, TERRIBLE?  I mean, you’ve heard the old joke, right:  In heaven, you get French food, German engineering, and English pop music.  In hell, you get English food, French engineering, and German pop music.   

The non-commercially viable plans; German input welcome.
The same media outlet also ran a bit about some French guys doing an around-the world flight with a solar plane, but concluded with a quote from one of the fellows saying they never expected it to be useful for commercial flights, just to inspire people to think about alternative energy.  

Maybe the members of Cascada just need to go back to school and learn how to help these French guys make their solar plane technology commercially viable. 

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