Monday, May 13, 2013

Hot on the heels of Mother's Day. . .

This morning, I heard on the radio a story that included mention of pajamas that tell your kid a bedtime story, and a chip that you put on (in???) your baby that will send you a message when they've wet themselves.  All I could think is, WHY is there even a market for things that will allow parents to have even LESS contact with their children?  The little-known (but well established by research) fact is that children can sicken and DIE from lack of real contact with human beings.  Actually physically die.  They literally NEED us to pay attention to them, to be WITH them, not just in the same general space, but truly WITH them.  It isn't a preference, it isn't "being spoiled," they actually, literally NEED human connection.  "Mommy, watch me!" is thus as legitimate and necessary a request as "Mommy, feed me."    How is it our culture has become so anti-human that we don't recognize that, even when science tells us that? 

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