Saturday, September 13, 2014

I named a baby today. . .

The "50 Million Names" project honors the (now creeping up toward 60 million) people who never got a chance to grace our planet; who never got a chance to even be recognized with so much as a name.

Check it out:

Here's the name I offered:  Christopher Lark

The project requires that you perform a "gesture" in honor of the child you offer to name.

Gesture:  I will sing a Psalm outside in natural surroundings for this little one, who never got to sing (at least, not here on Earth).

The project encourages you to share a story behind the name, so here's mine:


I offer up this name for the little one whose death I had a part in, thirty years ago, when I gave a friend a ride to an abortion clinic.  Because I don't know whether that child was a boy or a girl, I hesitated, trying to find a name that would suit.  Then I remembered a student I had a few years ago, whose name was Christopher. SHE was a stunningly lovely young woman, vibrant, bright, and really going places.  Immediately I thought, that is the perfect name, because if this child was a boy, Christopher is a beautiful strong name.  If a girl, she could wear this beautiful strong name with the same vibrancy and aplomb as the female Christopher I knew.  And, with the meaning "Christ bearer," it seems appropriate for an innocent child who offered up his or her life in violent death, in perfect reflection of Our Lord.

"Lark" is because, again, it seems it will do for either a boy or girl, and larks are known for their joyous songs as they fly up toward heaven.  A little "soupy," I know, but so there.

God receive you with joy and song, Christopher Lark.

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