Thursday, September 18, 2014

Took my breath away. . .

I've been trying to school myself NOT to read comments on the internet.  They are a giant waste of time, and usually nothing but a bunch of people (self included) all thinking they know better than anybody else, and getting all het up for no reason, because who's going to listen to some random person in an internet comment?

But I got sucked in to the comments at the bottom of this (very nice, by the way) post on

"There are only 18 comments" (I said to myself, which was true at that time anyway), so I (just call me " 'satiable curtiosity" Abeille) scrolled down to peek. . .

And buried there, right in the middle:  the most eloquent testimony against IVF I've ever read.  It took my breath, it brought tears, it made me stop and pray right there.  I don't know the web etiquette of sharing such a thing, but it needs to be shared (so forgive me, Matt K, if I transgress in this):

#9  Matthew K - New Braunfels, Texas
I understand your feelings. My wife and I were deemed "infertile" by various doctors after 3 years of trying to conceive. So my wife and I tried doing fertility treatments, both intrauterine insemination and IVF for 2 years. Of course, this was before I dug deeper into our Catholic faith.

At the time I didn't think it was immoral because I thought I was "being open to life", but during and after every treatment I could feel guilt buildup inside of me based on a sense of selfishness. Also knowing that a doctor was the one "inseminating" my wife or making an embryo in a test tube made me feel like an outsider who was not contributing to the end result. It just felt gross and almost adulterous. That is not true selfless love.

After the IVF process of creating the embryos, the better term should be children, we were asked do how many to place inside the uterus and if we wanted them to be boys or girls. This is totally taking God out of the picture. Then after taking 2 out of the 6 children that we had and placing them inside my wife we finally had a beautiful baby boy growing and delivered 9 months later, but we had to tell the doctors what to do with the rest of our children. They gave us four options: 1) discard them 2) donate them for adoption 3) freeze them in a cryogenic state, like a bad action movie and 4) donate them to science. We chose to freeze them, but none of them survived the process. So I killed 4 of my children, which I think about at least once a week at mass when my son is with me.

The funny thing is two years after my sons birth, my wife and I conceived naturally and now have a cute baby girl.

So the bottom line is no one knows what God will give us, but if we force the issue with out God's morals we will have to live with a life of regret and sorrow.

Please pray for the souls of my 4 children that I threw away like paper plates.

September 5, 2014 at 9:02 am PST

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