Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Government Registry of "Friends with the Most Feels"

Calling something “marriage,” or even having some legal authorities call something “marriage,” does not make it a reality. (See the oft-cited comment attributed to Abraham Lincoln re: calling a dog’s tail a leg does not make it one.) I urge you to consider this question very carefully: What interest, if any, does a government have in recognizing and regulating (including giving certain encouragements to) the thing called “marriage?” 

Once you answer this central question logically and completely, you will have your answer with respect to what marriage actually IS. No matter what any person may wish to call a marriage, there actually is a thing in reality that constitutes that thing which government has any interest in recognizing and regulating. 

Hint: it is NOT a “government registry of friends with the most ‘feels’.” Government doesn’t care about who you have the strongest “feels” for; at least it has no legitimate interest in meddling with that in any way. 

Answer the question for yourself: what DOES the government have a legitimate interest in recognizing and regulating (with the hope of encouraging)? That one question, conscientiously answered, clears away all the obfuscation about feelings which has frankly tainted to the point of ludicrousness the so-called “arguments” on both sides of this issue. I challenge you to pursue the truth of the answer to that central question, courageously, to the very end, on however surprising a path that leads you. It’s eye-opening, I guarantee it.

P.S.  Pursue your answer PROPERLY, don't just look inside your own head (i.e., your OWN "feels"), but inside the heads of people with expertise regarding the societal, cultural, legal, and economic effects of the cultural institution of marriage.  That will take a bit of work; but it is IMPORTANT--as marriage, and resulting family units, are quite literally the "cells" of the "body" of society, as goes marriage so goes the health and ultimately the LIFE of the society.  So don't be a lazy, unknowingly ignorant part of the problem: inform yourself.  One good place to start, for a completely SECULAR examination of the legal ramifications is:

 What Is Marriage? Man and Woman, a Defense , by Robert George, Sherif Girgis, and Ryan Anderson

Especially if you believe yourself to be in agreement with, and supportive of, the recent Supreme Court decision, it is important to inform yourself of what the legal consequences of this decision will be.   If your position is correct, you have NOTHING TO FEAR from reading thoughtful people's arguments defending the other position; indeed, you can only powerfully strengthen your own arguments by doing just that.  So do it; it's a very little book and easy to read.  When you finish that one, let me know if you'd like other recommendations, on either side of the question.

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