Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ten Best REAL Reality Shows

It is astonishing how completely UNREAL so-called “reality shows” are these days, and it’s obvious that they are only becoming increasing more so.  If you’d like a few suggestions for some REAL reality shows, here are my picks:

1)  Audubon's Bremen, Maine, Osprey Cam.  Watch Rachel and Steve, committed and successful parents, raise their kids from eggs to fledglings over the course of the summer!

2)  Turtle Bay West Cam, Hawaii.  Gorgeous and relaxing; the next best thing to being there.

3)  Cornell’s Laysan Albatross Cam.  If you’re lucky enough to catch an Albatross Hoe-down, you’ll never forget it!
Swing your corner. . . now, swing your partner:

4)  Times Square in New York City.  Guaranteed to remind you why you’d rather be in Turtle Bay.

5)  Self-build Webcam, UK.  The ultimate DIY fix; watch as a Longfield, U.K., resident builds his new home himself, stick by brick.

6)  Microscope Cam.  Another world, in a drop of water.

 7)  Earth View Cam.  The ultimate perspective adjustment.

8)  Shawnee County Treasurer Hallway Wait Cam.  Live cam actually shows the number of people waiting to get in.  Beautiful for reminding yourself that, however awful your day may be, at least you’re NOT THERE.

 9)  The Foucault Pendulum in the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Heidelberg.  Demonstrating the rotation of the Earth.  Geek self-hypnosis.

10)  Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi.  A mini-pilgrimage for the travel-challenged.

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